• Ultra Hydro Plus

    Ultra Hydro Plus $129

    This hydrating facial treatment boosts all the benefits

    of microdermabrasion whilst infusing a customised

    corrective serums followed by a mask to achieve visible results .

    Smooths,revitalises and restores vitality to the appearance 

    of normal , dry or oily skin.

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  • Relax + Treat Facial

    Relax + Treat Facial $149

    Target your core skin concerns while in complete relaxation, includes a customized mask and face and decolletage massage. Choosing from the following concerns:

    • Illuminate and Glow, Specialized for pigmentation
    • Clean and Clear, Specialized for acne and congestion
    • Restore and Lift, Specialized for ageing and hydration
    • Performance Plus – Sono Infusion
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  • Hydrate Plus Peel

    Hydrate Plus Peel $159

    Using our Lactic Acid peel, this peel works to resurface and improve the skins moisture levels while restoring radiance and clarity to the skin, leaving a radiant complexion. This will then be enhanced by using our led light therapy of a wavelength suitable to your skin to achieve a better outcome. Followed by a hydrating mask and treatment products.

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  • Clearing Plus Peel

    Clearing Plus Peel $169

    Using our Mandelic Acid Peel containing AHA’s, this specialized peel helps with clarity, inflammation, decongestion, and oil control. This will then be enhanced by using our led light therapy of a wavelength suitable to your skin to achieve a better outcome. Followed by a customized mask and treatment products.

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  • Microdermabrasion + Peel Me

    Microdermabrasion + Peel Me $169

    A double-up exfoliation. The perfect combination of exfoliation, hydration, and clarity. Remove any unwanted skin cells, skin congestion and surface debris followed by a hydrating or clarifying peel reaching optimum penetration.

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  • Vitamin A Peel

    Vitamin A Peel $169

    This fast-acting, non-invasive skin rejuvenation treatment combines proven anti-ageing ingredients retinol and bromelain to refresh, refine, hydrate and plump. It dramatically diminishes the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone and improves luminosity.

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  • Radiance Renew

    Radiance Renew $179

    This 3 in 1 workout treatment is designed to refine pores, smooth coarse texture, and help renew the skins dewy, youthful glow. This powerful treatment combines Mandelic acid and our radiance-boosting mask followed by an AHA, BHA infusion to help smooth and restore skin luminosity.

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  • Hydrate and Refresh treatment

    Hydrate and Refresh treatment $189

    Our Hydrate and Refresh combines the best of both worlds, results and relaxation. Your skin will enjoy and rejuvenate with a hydrating peel giving intense exfoliation while our new B2 hydrating gel sheet mask will saturate your skin in phytonutrients which will hydrate, refresh and smooth the skin, while this is happening you will be relaxing with our neck, shoulder and decolletage massage. Perfect to give you that radiant glow and leave you feeling relaxed and revived.

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  • Add-On - LED Treatment

    Add-On - LED Treatment $50

    Light therapy is a non invasive treatment that will boost and amplify the results of your treatment. 

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Let our expert team pamper you with our range of beauty and body offerings. Designed to purify inside and out, B Naturally You spa treatments deliver exceptional results. Prioritise your wellbeing and indulge in a massage or tailored-spa treatments.

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